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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Utilitarianism

Resources for Introduction to Utilitarianism:


The Classics

Further Reading

Chapter 2: Elements and Types of Utilitarianism

Resources for Elements and Types of Utilitarianism:


Welfarism & Theories of Well-Being




Population Ethics

Maximizing, Satisficing and Scalar Utilitarianism

Expectational Utilitarianism Versus Objective Utilitarianism

Multi-level Utilitarianism Versus Single-level Utilitarianism

Global Utilitarianism and Hybrid Utilitarianism

Chapter 3: Arguments for Utilitarianism

Resources for Arguments for Utilitarianism:

Chapter 4: Theories of Well-Being

Resources for Theories of Well-Being:




Desire Theories

Objective List Theories

Chapter 5: Population Ethics

Resources for Population Ethics:

General Discussions of Population Ethics

The Total View and Repugnant Conclusion

Variable Value Theories

Critical Level and Critical Range Theories

Neutrality Intuition

Person-Affecting Views and the Asymmetry

Practical Implications of Population Ethics

Impossibility Theorems in Population Ethics

Chapter 6: Utilitarianism and Practical Ethics

Resources for Utilitarianism and Practical Ethics:

Is There a Difference Between Doing and Allowing Harm?

The Expanding Moral Circle

Cosmopolitanism: Expanding the Moral Circle Across Geography

Anti-Speciesism: Expanding the Moral Circle Across Species

Longtermism: Expanding the Moral Circle Across Time

Respecting Commonsense Moral Norms

Chapter 7: Near-Utilitarian Alternatives

Resources for Near-Utilitarian Alternatives:

Beyond Welfarism


Desert-Adjusted Views

Egoism and Partialism

Beyond Consequentialism

Chapter 8: Objections to Utilitarianism and Responses

Resources for Objections to Utilitarianism and Responses:


The Rights Objection

The Mere Means Objection

The Separateness of Persons Objection

The Demandingness Objection

The Alienation Objection

The Special Obligations Objection

The Equality Objection

The Cluelessness Objection

The Abusability Objection

Acting on Utilitarianism

Resources for Acting on Utilitarianism


Effective Altruism

Global Health and Development

Farm Animal Welfare

Existential Risks

Peter Singer’s ‘Famine, Affluence, and Morality’

Resources for Study Guide: Peter Singer’s ‘Famine, Affluence, and Morality’